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Coastal flooding may result from seasonally high tides augmented by storm activity, or when a tsunami, generated by an earthquake, is driven ashore. Similar high-water occurrences happen on lakes.


Hurricanes are severe storms that are formed in warm tropical ocean waters. A smaller hurricane is called a tropical storm.  It is also referred to as a cyclone or typhoon in Southeast Asia.

Pandemic or flu outbreak

The most common way for influenza to spread is when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Biological and Chemical Contaminants

There are specific responses to exposure of biological and chemical substances. 


What to do in case of a Tornado

Tornadoes (or twisters) are violent storms of whirling winds, which develop from thunderstorms.

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Power Failure

Power outage can accompany any number of emergencies.

Severe Winter Storms

Severe winter storms typically involve a sustained combination of heavy snowfall, cold temperatures and high winds.

Baby Slings and Carriers

Many parents use baby slings and carriers to carry their babies. While having your child close to you may be practical, using these products incorrectly can lead to injury or suffocation.

Serious injuries and deaths can occur when:

Winter Safety for Your Home

If you expect the temperature to drop below the freezing point, follow these winter safety tips to prevent weather-related damage to your home:

Holiday Safety

What are some safety tips when using lights and extension cords?

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